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Ministère de l’Énergie et de l’Aménagement du territoire

Zesumme spueren – Zesummenhalen

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Zesumme Spueren was a national campaign of the highest importance for the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning. As 101, we were overjoyed and honoured that the Ministry trusted us to lead this campaign with them. From the design of the visual identity to the realisation of every single poster, brochure and social media post, our graphic designers outdid themselves in record time.

Fashioning the different energy saving tips for different target audiences while taking into account all of their different sensibilities was central to this campaign. 101 is proud of its contribution to the national energy saving effort in a time of international crisis, no matter how small our contribution may have been. The results of the campaign speak for themselves, with Luxembourg saving a record of 26% within the time frame given, far exceeding the campaign’s goal of 15%.

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