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Researchers’ Days

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Working on a large project or event from start to finish is always both a challenge and a pleasure for the entire team at 101. For the Researchers’ Days by the Fonds National de Recherche we took over the entire branding of the event and the campaign surrounding it. With a logo that represents the spirit and values of the event (discovery, science, exploration, playfulness, and curiosity) and a coherent graphical charter, we were able to implement the entire visual paradigm surrounding the Researchers’ Days.

From lanyards, beach flags and rollups to posters, maps, the signalisation, wristbands, and tickets: every visual element was designed from the ground up, refined and produced to the satisfaction of the client. Finally, a targeted social media campaign and a playful video advert rounded out the complete marketing campaign for the event, attracting more than 6500 visitors over two days.