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Dalzotto and Partners embarked on a journey of evolution with us, aiming to redefine their brand to more accurately reflect their growth and collective expertise. The cornerstone of this evolution was not just a visual makeover but a fundamental shift in how they present themselves in the competitive landscape of engineering and technology. Thus, EnTec was conceived—a name that synthesizes their foundational pillars: engineering and technology. This rebranding venture was more than a mere change of name; it was about crafting an identity that instantly communicates the company's proficiency and core business areas to its clientele.

The new name, EnTec, showcases the company’s innovation, aligning perfectly with their values and ambition to stand out in the digital era. Our collaboration has not only given EnTec a fresh, modern presence but has also equipped them with a name that encapsulates their essence and expertise, making their value proposition clear and impactful to both existing and potential clients.

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